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Title: Victor VC8246. Is anyone familar with?
Post by: bernie79 on November 18, 2018, 05:01:05 am
Hi there,

I stumble over this: (
It's a "Victor VC8246".
and I'm looking for some background info, especially the manual.

It seems to be I'm an alien customer. To fill a gap in my workshop, I want a meter with very unusual features.
-Accuracy is not important for me. Okay 3.5 digits is minimum and 4.5 digits is nice. But all I need to know is (as example):
"got this USB-charger it's 5volts within the specs? Oh, 4.98 volts. that's okay!"
-It should be good readable (so no tiny LCD without backlight in a groove, that screens out all passing peoples.)
-It should have DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, resistor an fast(!) beeping continuity.
 (example: take a mainboard, put one tip to ground and brush over all contacts of the PCI-slot. it should give at least a short chirp)
-Temperature, hfe, frequency, shoe size... is not mandantory
-I should be switched easily from one unit to another, lets say from DCV to cont. - with one tap. This is important.
 (A horror vision: "first go to  'Ohms', then press three times 'range', be sure to get the right terminals, wait 10 seconds to restart..." arrghh).
 There can be a big turning range switch or the old 'one key release the other' radio selector or a series of units-labled rubber keys...
 anything but a cheat code input in a computer game.
-I got a hard limit of 300Euros (or i'm getting in trouble with my wife) to get this here in Europe.
-And no, I already have some handhelds. (at least I have paid for them. One has my son, one my neighbor....)
Thats why i want a bench top: to bold it down on the storage panel of my desk:D

I have searched for used equipment, (rare. either worn out VFDs, overpriced (almost store price - 20 years ago), missing features (Fluke 8840: no cont), too old (3,5Digit with 5% Accuracy and low R... ), to far away: "hey, on ebay USA there are plenty...." Think of shipping, coustoms,...).  In other words: no luck.

But I found some appealing meters:
-Uni-T UT802 (practically not sold in Europe)
-Uni-T UT 8802 ("Never heard of" spoken by a Uni-T-'Distributor' in his own words. Service is sometimes written with "th")
-Rigol 3058, GWInstek 8341, Fluke 8845,.... (out of limit),

I found the Vichi VC8145. Looks promising, but only from dealers on ebay, mostly china.
So I looked at aliexpress by myself. And there are some offers about the VC8246.
The front panel looks good: there are distinct keys for almost every measure unit,
It has a shiny new VFD. And it looks some kind of familar .. Ah.. like an Agilent 34410 :) but not that good and not that expensive.

So I'm asking, if someone got already laid his hands on this (the Victor, not the HP :D), and can tell me something about the
operation of this chinese bomb?

So I'm sticking between the Vici VC8145 and the Victor VC8246.

Title: Re: Victor VC8246. Is anyone familar with?
Post by: coromonadalix on November 18, 2018, 03:15:46 pm
I would go immediately go to the Victor 8246A  seems more professional than the VC8145 and the specs are very good. Data logging etc .....

I would no be surprised if it was maybe an GW Instek rebranded ??  the 8246 is a 55000 count bench, its not bad at all.

It really depends of your needs and budget,  i would personallly stick with known reliable and easy to repair meters brands, the VFD rarities are my main concerns, Even with a big budget, I would skip the fluke 8845 and 8846, they seems to have stranges problems (in guard out guard) issues in this forums and other annoyances.

I would skip Uni-t brand unless here at eevblog there a few Bench models meter owners, who could give you some honest feedbacks.

A GW Instek GDM8251A can be sometimes found not to high priced, the calibrations seems to be easy with an usb short plug ... discussed here.

To me,  if you can find any schematics for an bench meter would give you some repair possibilities / calibrations  /  etc ...

I snatched an BK 5490  on ebay for 100$ usd shipped, i was surprised it was in reality a Metrix MX556,  50000 count dmm with an huge lcd, no backlight :(   but very readable.  Works very well and can be easily calibrated.

300 euro can help you to find something good, take your time,  maybe some eevblog members can sell you a good meter ???   post a want to buy with your criterias in the forum ?

Title: Re: Victor VC8246. Is anyone familar with?
Post by: bernie79 on November 19, 2018, 12:11:37 am
Thanks for your assessment. I dont think this is a rebranded GWInstek, but cheap clone. the GW8246 looks very different, but it has the same specs, the front panel look very like a 83xx.  The specs of the Victor are impressive and if this meter lives this up, this would be a bargain. I dont believe this, so there must IMHO be a catch. Maybe it has a slow auto range change or its blowes its fuses by measuring the capacity of a loaded tantal :D.
The Metrix you snatched is something, you seldom find on ebay in Europe. Actual, there is only one Metrix DMM listed: a MX22 for 100 bucks. Used.
I'm still looking for the manual or someone who got worked with this, before I decide, what I buy.

Title: Re: Victor VC8246. Is anyone familar with?
Post by: nctnico on November 19, 2018, 12:30:49 am
Get the VC8145. It has the ultra-fast continuity you are looking for. Also the LCD display is likely to be bigger then the VFD display. I have two of these (without the B or C suffix) and the big back-lit LCD display was one of the features I was looking for in a bench DMM. The ones I have are also spot on when compared to my 6.5 digit Keysight DMM. No surprise because the VC8145 has a decent reference inside.

They can be bought from Ebay and Aliexpress with free shipping and if you are lucky the Chinese seller marks it as a $5 item so you don't have to pay customs charges and VAT. But even with those charges you'll stay well within your budget.
Title: Re: Victor VC8246. Is anyone familar with?
Post by: coromonadalix on November 19, 2018, 02:41:15 am
Do you have in your country some test equipment resellers ?  some bench meters to see and test for your self ?

some vc8145 reviews and teardowns (

this one is very good ? ( ( (
Title: Re: Victor VC8246. Is anyone familar with?
Post by: bernie79 on November 20, 2018, 12:14:16 am
Yes, the VC8145 are offered at ebay and aliexpress, no problem. I have also read the teardown and some reviews (thats how i got here on eevblog). Thanks to all for sharing this. It really helps buyers to distinguish between nuggets and lemons.
Do I got this right: for switching in continiuos mode you just have to press "  --|>|- /  *))) " once and no further select button? Continious mode as sidestep of diode test? - Amazing, but comprehensible: Resistor-, diode- and continous test are all the same: putting voltage on the terminals and check the current. Only the result is shown different.
But I found nothing about the Victor VC8246. Thats why I'm asking.

Marking a parcel as $5 is not my way to cope with the customs, but thats my own opinion. Even if anyone does this, okay, but I'm not.
I have  looked at the customs tarif for importing meters and oscilloscops from China in EU: 0%, just VAT. (Harmonized code = 90300000 for everyone who looks across borders.)

Unfortunately, there are only few sellers of electronic equipment with brick-and-mortal shops within reasonable distance (100miles), All of them sells most meters under OEM, but equipment from the big brands will be ordered on demand by them. I dont remember ever seen a Agilent or Fluke in stock in the last 15 years. Sure, if I want such a meter as soon as possible, I can order this by the national wide or international wide operating distributors by shipping overnight, even with retake guarantee. I can only see and pre-buy check such devices on sales conventions, Theses are held 2 times a year in a day-long distance, and I'm too lazy to attent them.
And I never seen any business contacts of China Victor here in Europe, so its probably no chance to see this exhibited.
Hm, maybe a market niche? ;) (
Hehe someone with the same thoughts. Maybe he's from the same planet as I :D  TLIngan khol da-jatl-A?

Title: Re: Victor VC8246. Is anyone familar with?
Post by: nctnico on November 20, 2018, 12:24:22 am
You can order it from Poland. At least that should give you a 14 day no questions asked right-of-return. (
Title: Re: Victor VC8246. Is anyone familar with?
Post by: bernie79 on November 20, 2018, 01:24:09 am
Ah, thanks. The shop is in Warshaw. Last time I was in this town was 15 years ago. Maybe its time for a short holiday.. :)
Its no problem to order the VC8145 from one of several sellers. The VC8145 is a good meter, and its on top of the list. But I'm not sure about the 8246. It seems to fit better to me looking at the specs.
I should throw a coin. :)

Title: Re: Victor VC8246. Is anyone familar with?
Post by: bernie79 on January 11, 2019, 09:32:44 pm
Okay here are some news: I ran into a VC8246. One morning a parcel sits impatiently on my desk, virtually begging to be unwrapped.
I'm still trying to find out if this was a good or bad buy.
Here are the Cons so far:

- The manual is written in chinese. Even the CD that came along has no english or other language. Okay it's not a space shuttle, so google translate can help me out.
- It has no CE. Its almost impossible to import one to the EU on your own. There is no UL, no TUV or whatsonever third parity check.
At least there is a calibration result sheet. Of course in chinese.
(@Double King Ind. "Victor": If you want to sell some of your products. you should at least put an english manual and your CE-Declaration online. This could improve your sales more than 10 sales persons).

-The continuity test is not that fast as I hoped. If you short the cables it takes about 1/4 to 1/2 second to beep.
And If I config the device to beep = off, the continuity-test is also silent. I dont think, this is intended. I'm going to ask the manufacturer,

The Pros:
- the measure cycle is fast. Okay autoranging a capacitor or low values resistor takes time like an common multimeter, but voltage, current, frequency results are there as soon as the probes hits the contacts. If its get any faster, it could work as a DSO (without display).
-Speaking of the display: a typical big bright VFD-display, thats easy readable even if I misplaced my bottles-floor-like glasses.

A quick view under the (metal) hood show some pleasant details:
The front end is HY3131 based (55000 counts),
The built-in power supply is transformer based (so I got a classic gap between Measurement equipment and mains) with nices filtered lines. There is even a dedicated coil, rectifier and LDO for powering the the RS-232 and USB-connector and everyting on the PC side of the optocouplers.
The PCBs looks good designed (none of the usual quirks, you can see on many electronics 'made in china'). And its not a lunchbox :)

Btw.: it has 5x20mm fuses with glass body, but thats okay - it claims CAT II. Thats fine by me.
Thats all for now. I going back to my shack and play with my new toy.

Title: Re: Victor VC8246. Is anyone familar with?
Post by: Baltazar1 on May 24, 2020, 06:15:20 pm
Hello Bernie,

I came across your thread since I am in the same situation now - considering the purchase of VC8246B. Can you give some more feedback about your experience & satisfaction with the instrument after all this time?

I have also two particular questions:
- Are both current inputs, mA and 10A, protected by fuses?
- Have you found an english manual somewhere?