Author Topic: VICTOR VC921 DMM Integrated Personal Handheld Pocket Mini Multimeter  (Read 1035 times)

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I have a Vichy 921 pocket multi meter just to carry around as a cheap multi meter for quick checks.

interestingly all functions seem to work accept the duty cycle function...this seems a bit odd.

It can measure duty cycle on a PWM of a function generator. Or duty cycle of 240V A.C mains.
However it will not measure the duty cycle on a fuel metering valve PWM signal on a car. It just shows 99%

It is able to measure the frequency of the metering valve but why not the duty cycle?

Its a 14.Volt PWM signal seems a bit odd other multi meters I have measure the duty cycle no problems.

Has anyone else discovered such a problem?


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Many multimeters have trouble measuring PWM signals that have a DC offset. Try measuring with a small capacitor inline.

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