Author Topic: Video: Controlling Measurement Equipment with Python and SCPI via VXI-11 and USB  (Read 1855 times)

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I have made my 2nd EE video:

It is about controlling testgear via VXI-11 (TCP/IP) and USBTMC from Linux using Python scripts. (I believe I have included all relevant information for windows users, but I'm not sure as I never have done this kind of stuff on windows.)

Warning: The video is almost one hour long and I'm afraid it is not as entertaining as Dave's marathon videos are.

OT: Lessons learned on the video-making side of things:
  • Never shoot a screen with a camera resolution high enough to subsample the screen resolution. I accidentally had the camera on 1080p for the whole shoot; sorry for the moirĂ© pattern.
  • I need better control over the light at my bench. Whenever the light (from outside through the window) changed, my white-balance and exposure got off.
  • I need to switch to manual focus when filming the parts where I talk at the paper. The camera always tries to focus on my hand if I point on something on the paper. Unfortunately I was not able to see the slight out-of-focus on the display on the camera while shooting.
  • Additional feedback welcome! I'm still learning and probably missed half the things I did wrong this time..

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