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Vintage multimeter : AOIP Multipréci Mn5121

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Last year my teacher gave me a couple of bench Multimeter. :)
My school didn't want them anymore because the power switch was broken.  :(

So I bring them back home and I have repaired them.
So now I would like to share some pictures from inside the Multimeter.

Let's start by the faceplate and screen. 
Here the AOIP next to my fluke 83 series 1  <3 :-DMM

The screen.

Mains measurement.


The back with mains plug.

The mains fuse.

Oh a date code .

1983 This thing is way older than me !
On the bottom 4 screws.

Good quality screws.

And we are inside.
2 boards one for the transformer and the other one for the multimeter part.

Here you can see the tiny transformer and the bridge rectifier .

And the motherboard.

The main chip.

The screen driving circuit.

The input diodes.

A resistor network

A resistor network and various pots.

The new on switch.

The input jacks .

And then  a quick video tour .

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
By the way if someone has got the owner manual for this multimeter can he post it here  ;) That will be very nice.

Also please forgive me if i make some english mistakes :( i'm french  :)

It's not difficult to to use thumbnails. For ImagesHack just add .th before the the .jpg extension.

something like

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Note the added .th to the img tag.

The result:

Large images makes the thread unreadable.


Thanks i have forget that :p

Vintage gear has this awesome look to it. Here is some stuff from my school's lab.

It's really scary what they rated the devices for these times.

I got an Monacor MT-650 from my grandfather. Look at these lousy connectors, and they rated this device for up to 1200KV AC and DC…

But I still like the analog display for measuring low voltages or currents, because it gives the ability to see trends (rising/falling) just in the corner of your eye. This is much more easy then reading and interpretating digits all the time.


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