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Was your first meter a "trashy" meter?

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--- Quote from: Calambres on April 02, 2023, 09:42:50 am ---Mi first multimeter was a very good high end ICE 680-R, an european (italian) classic of the era. I bought it somewhere around 1978 and I had to save a lot of time to get the funds for such an expensive meter. I still have it today and is still working like new.

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A few years before that I bought and still have its smaller brother the ICE Microtest 80.  Supplied with English manual which has 'Electronic Brokers Ltd 49/53 Pancras Road London' printed on the rear cover.  Same method of range selection by inserting probes into appropriate hole. Still works fine except the resistance ranges because it took a mercury button cell RM627 which is no longer manufactured.  The circuit relied on the very accurate and stable voltage of such mercury cell to obviate the need for a zero ohms adjuster.

It was not my first meter.  That was an Avo Multiminor Mk 4 purchased around 1965.

My first meter was a Ц4324 from the USSR.
I think it's still in the basement somewhere.
For the price it was ok back then, as far as I can remember.

VOC 2035V from 1980 (french brand but it is a rebadged sabtronics 2035A).
3 1/2 digits 0.1%

Still in spec:

Sabtronics Ad  :-DD


My very first meter was this:

At that time I didn't even know the names of high end manufacturers like Fluke, Agilent, Brymen etc...
Of course I still have the meter, it was blown in the A range and that is why I've moved to a UNI-T.
Time flies...


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