Author Topic: Wavecrest SIA 3000 - is it any good as a general purpose oscilloscope?  (Read 940 times)

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I found one in a junk shop that powers up.  Thinking of going over and offering them $200 CAD for it.  looks like the O-scope part of it is good up to 6 Ghz, way beyond my needs of up to 900 Mhz.  Would like to use a signal monitor for my ham transmitters as well.  Anybody know what voltage range the inputs will accept?  I read through the manual but did not see, must have missed it. 

Cheers David Balcaen VE2GYA Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

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For  $200 I'd just buy it. The inputs are likely 50 Ohms only and usually that means limited to 5V rms. The specifications are usually in a datasheet or specification so google for that.
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Nice systems in the day.  I don't think you would be happy trying to use it for a general purpose oscilloscope.
How electrically robust is your meter??

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