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I couldn't find much info about the blind time and update rate of analog scopes and how they compare to the latest digital scopes with Max. >100kHz waverform updates.

In summary of this measurement I would say:
-This analog scope kept going until 1µs/div while the DS2000 starts breaking down earlier at 20µs/div.
-This analog scope has a max. of 511kHz waveform updates, that is less than the new one from Agilent with 1000kHz. (The DS2000 has a max. of 50kHz 1/10 of the Analog one)
So it would be interesting to add an 1000kHz Digital Scope to this graph.
-This analog scope is setup so the blind time in never getting close to 0% (sweep of 12 div, 10.2 div visible)

About the DS2000:
The waveform update rate is from the excel file from marmad. (smallest memory depth)
About the Tektronix 2465:
The blind time of 14% is about 1.8 divisions, or with other words one division left and one right of the screen (visible part is 10.2div)
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Re: Waveform Update Rate Digital vs Analog (DS2000 vs Tek 2465)
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You want to know what is a "digital" scope,go to XY mode... AARRRGHH!!
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