Author Topic: Waveform update rates of HMO scopes  (Read 791 times)

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Waveform update rates of HMO scopes
« on: March 23, 2016, 07:44:18 pm »
Hi guys, HMO owners :)

I would like to ask you to make some measurements on your scope, I plan to create a "comprehensive" table so that we could compare all existing and future HMO scopes. At this point I would need 16 values only.

The measurement -  please setup
input signal: 2.5 V peak to peak, 100 kHz square wave (e.g. the built in pattern gen/square wave is ok in newest HMO scopes)

the scope:
- one channel only
- edge trigger, AC filter
- trigger time set to zero
- please setup the trigger level to get max. waveform/s
- all measurements, special settings off

wfm/s - measure the trigger out freq (e.g. with Brymen 869, everyone has one ;))
samples/s - reported by the scope

These would be the values I am interested in at this point:

TB/Record ModeMax. WFM. Rate - wfm/s,samples/sMax. SA. Rate - wfm/s,samples/sAuto - wfm/s,samples/s

I hope that I did not forget anything and all clear. Later, we could refine the prerequisites of the measurement, but for now, please measure these values. All participation will be appretiated :)

Thank you!
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