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Re: MSOs
« Reply #25 on: April 29, 2013, 03:32:48 am »
FYI, the serial decode on the Agilent MSOX2000 series only works on the analog channels. Just picked one up, and I've been using the 30-day trial of all features, and was very underwhelmed when I discovered that you can't use the digital channels for protocol decode  :palm:
You're kidding, right? That's just bizarre, I wonder if it's a hardware bug in the 2000X that means it can't be done.

You can certainly use the digital channels for serial decoding on the 3000X.

Looks like it won't. Here's a quote from the user manual for the 2000X series. (page 105)

"Digital channels and serial decode cannot be on at the same time. The
[Serial] key takes precedence over the [Digital] key. Serial triggers can be
used when digital channels are on."

Woah, for real?  That's crazy - what's the point of having all the digital channels if you can't decode off it (assuming you buy the option).  Yes, I know - triggering, etc.  But if I've got the digital channels I'd want to be able to decode off them.

Yep, huge pain in the ass.

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