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We need ESR specific meter review

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Hello, can I suggest that Dave made ESR specific meter review.

Like the ESR 70 Plus, ESR Micro v4.0s, the blue ESR meter, and any others like Mastech 5308, PEAKTECH 2170 aka Extech 380193. The russian meter vs. the ESR 70 Plus is what I would like to see in side by side test. The Russian meter is 2x less than ESR 70 Plus and has better range :

0.02…65535uf vs. 1... 22000uf for ESR 70
ESR range 0…200 ohms. vs. 0...40.0 ohms for ESR 70

Test should include various cap conditions like shorted, high esr etc. In circuit measurements and out of circuit too.
The obvious quality component assessment teardown by Dave is a must !


Don't forget the IET DE-5000 and the Agilent U1733C

I like the idea of such a review.

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Better to put this request in the suggestions topic where the rest of them all are?


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