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Weird resolution filter shape of SSA3021X+ at specific frequency

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During some testing using an H-probe I observed a very weird shape of the resolution filter of the SSA3021X+ at a very specific frequency (12.08MHz)
The weird shape is independent from the RBW down 30kHz, below 30kHz the SA switches to FFT mode and the shape becomes normal again.
The weird shape could not be reproduced by using a signal generator as input.
Anybody any clue of what is happening?????

Which FW version ?
H field implies EMI measurements, you need engage the EMI filter or maybe use EMI mode.

I think more information may be useful. With a wide resolution bandwidth I would expect a signal picked up with the probe to have what may be termed "odd" shapes, or not to be visible at all.  The signal you are looking at is no doubt wider than anything you are producing on the SigGen so it is not suprising that you cannot reproduce it with that either.

Could you show this same slice of spectrum  with some varying RBWs ?


I'm not doing a real EMI measurement, just picking of some radiation.
The span was set to 10MHz and the RBW to 1MHZ so one would expect the normal RBW response but enlarged due to the 10:1 span:RBW ratio but the sides of the resolution filter response where cut off.

No idea for sure, but a guess. Looks like a band switch point and likely some freq is not set correctly so the left side is shifted up more than it should be.  Might also be that the filter you request is not available in the lower frequencies and you are seeing a goofy result where the filter is computed from data acquired, but the acquisition is not good due to other hardware limitations in low band.


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