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Postman had a nice multimeter today for me, a Extech EX570 :D

I was looking for one of these a while now and finally found one for less than the half of its new price, it is a second hand but it was never unpackaged.

First thing I did was checking this page here:
This model was recalled in 2010, and I was not sure if it was a model with issues, actually it wouldn’t matter since I could send it to Extech and get a new one, but this model is a later one and it’s the updated version without problems.

Meter is quite nice but there are no reviews or videos on YT except a promotion video from Extech themselves. Since I am a Electrical engineer this meter fits my needs when I am doing some work for myself, specially Extech patented IR thermometer (in a mulitmeter) can be handy without using a thermal camera, it would take little bit longer to find a failure than a camera but it’s a lot cheaper option.

Meter has good specs, maybe I can video review it when I have some time (if people are interested in this meter):

The package:

Speedtest vs Fluke 85 and Gossen Metrawatt 16s:

And the big family it joined in, I was going to post a updated picture in MM topic so I thought I wouldn’t hurt to post it here too:

That is one big familly indeed :)
For sometime I considered that meter for myself, and only drawback was IIRC update speed of 2 readings/sec.

Do you find it slowish compared to Flukes and other faster meters?

Why are all your Flukes naked?


--- Quote from: Nermash on January 11, 2013, 09:15:33 pm ---Do you find it slowish compared to Flukes and other faster meters?

--- End quote ---
Fluke 85’s are pretty fast, but I only powered up the Extech and didn’t test any further, I will get back on this one to you probably with a short video.

--- Quote from: Smokey on January 11, 2013, 10:10:53 pm ---Why are all your Flukes naked?

--- End quote ---
I like sexy things being naked don’t you?
LOL just kidding, well I got them like that second hand, only two of my Fluke’s are new bought by me, those have a case, if I can find some rubber cases for right price for 85’s I will get it.

That's some collection.
But we are all ExcavatorEE wanabe's!



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