Author Topic: What china tools at ebay worth the money?  (Read 4540 times)

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Re: What china tools at ebay worth the money?
« Reply #50 on: July 25, 2020, 12:05:22 am »
I think the intent of the list is good, but it is doomed to failure for a number of reasons.  Not least of which is the bias of various contributors.  But the real reason I have my doubts comes from my experience with the US importer of Chinese tools - Harbor Freight.

I bought an angle grinder for a fifth the price of the cheapest competitor here in the US.  Loved it.  Used it.  Abused it.  It kept on working for several years.  But then after several days of using it with a diamond blade for concrete cutting and tile cutting (extreme abrasive dust generation in addition to heavy continuous loads) it gave up the ghost.

Went back and bought another copy.  Same model number.  Same price.  But got it home and it wasn't nearly as good.  Noisier gear box.  Power switch action not as good.  But I still liked it and found it to be a great value.

Was using it so much for a variety of jobs that changing blades was inconvenient, so bought another to have one for cutting wheel and one for grinding wheel.  This one again was not quite as good as the second.  Even with two grinders blades needed to be changed from time to time and it wasn't long until the stop used to keep the mechanism from turning while changing blades broke.  The casting that holds the stop in place broke off.

So bought a replacement.  I still haven't spent as much as I would have on a brand name item.  But this one fails with a burnt motor armature the first time I try to do heavy work.

By this time the original model number is no longer available, so I get a similar model - whose price has gone up.  Quality seems OK but features aren't quite as good as the older model.  So far this one is at least performing well.

The point of this is that brand and model number don't guarantee a consistent product.  Any recommendations made are valid for only a short time. 
This has always been true everywhere, but in the seething growth of China it seems more true, with the time scale shorter than it has been for brands and products in the past.

A very similar story can be found on this forum in the thread on the under $10 DMM.  The same DMM has been sold under a small number of model names for several years now.  Originally it was a very basic, but basically acceptable DMM.  But over the years the thread has document steady drops in the quality of the device, until the current version is in many ways not useful.  The nanoVNA shows the same pattern as does the "Under $20 component tester".

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Re: What china tools at ebay worth the money?
« Reply #51 on: July 25, 2020, 02:22:16 pm »
Someone told on this forum somewhere i dont know where :

Revisionists are the worse kind of people, worse then bankers.

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