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what is the difference between the HP3478A and the HP 34401A ?



I bought the 3478A and I am very happy with it , at the work we had to measure the AC ripple of the E3610A under load , so I set up the whole setup and red 0.6XXmVRMS , and wrote the numbers ,

in my home I tried that with my own E3610A and 3478A and the readings was 450uVRMS , BUT i've noticed that even when shorting the leads I get reading of 45XXuVRMS ! , and on the HP 34401A I got 0uV when leads shorted 0_0

please tell me what's the deal wit that , thank you :)

this thread discusses very low level RMS shortcomings of even high end bench meters

Download the HP links on this post. and read about proper ripple/spike measurement.

This post also shows a low level ripple measurement setup with a classic differential amplifier.


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