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What Logic analyzer would you recommend (for a sane price)?

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Hi, it occurred to me that it would be easier to repair stuff if I had a logic analyzer. However, I do not know which one to choose (and do not have a lot of money to buy a really good expensive one). Maybe you can recommend me one?

My requirements would be:
Price: hopefully no more than $250.
Sampling rate: 100-200MHz probably would be enough, 50MHz or so in state mode (external clock).
Channels: 16 would probably be enough.
Input: Settable threshold and the ability to tolerate negative voltages and higher voltages (at least so I can use it on PMOS logic or RS232 with the proper signal levels and low voltage devices).
Software that can decode a lot of different protocols - I do not know which ones I'll find in some broken device. It also would be good if the software could export the data/waveforms in some format that is easily parsed - in case I need to write the decoder myself.

Any devices that meet or approach these requirements?

Searching in ebay I found Hantek 4032L - the specs are impressive, but as I understand the software is low quality. Anything similar that has good software?

Whenever I need to decode RS232 or RS485 lines with an analyser, I use a separate little box to convert to 5V levels.  That way I can use the same overall interface for those and 5V lines at the same time.

try yourself with an openlogic sniffer
it's cheap $50 and powerfull enought and decodes a lot of things and is open source so you can add yours.
then if it's not enought for certain needs, you can buy a stronger one ?

Maybe an old HP or similar?

Do you like this this?

But not have support for settable threshold and higher voltages.

See this other but I do not recommend, I have it and does not work very well.:

Here you have a good list:


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