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Whats $200-400 DMM has the best low ohm measurement

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I'm looking to buy a new DMM in the $200-400 price range and one thing i need is a good relative low ohms range.
Down to 1mR would be ideal, if achievable, but 10mR is acceptable.

What options are there other than the Fluke 87 and Fluke 287 ?

Other important specs are
- True rms
- Fast proper continuity range
- 10-20A current range
- Acceptable battery life

Not important
- Capactiance/inductance/frequency measurement
- Data logging

Any suggestions?

What exactly do you mean by low ohms? What do you want to read down to?

Almost every handheld multimeter is useless below 1 ohm when it comes to absolute accuracy specs, and most below 10 ohms. To get accurate readings lower than that you need a good LCR meter or a high accuracy benchtop meter. Your price range won't get you a good benchtop or LCR meter so I am not sure what you want.

The one handheld mulltimeter I suspected would maybe be good on lower ohms range is the Fluke 289, but at $600.

Sorry, i edited the ohm specs in after posting.

Absolute accuracy isn't important, relative accuracy is fine.

The 10mR on the Fluke 87 and 287 is fine, i was just wondering what other options are out there in other DMM brands.

1mohm resolution is possible on the Agilent U1272A and the like. As do many LCR meters.
But that's resolution, not accuracy. If you are serious about proper accurate low ohm measurement you need a 4 wire measurement system. You can get that on most old bench meters, e.g. HP 3478A, and maybe some new ones.

UEi DM397 has 0.001ohm resolution. But I just did a video on it and I really can't recommend it from my personal experience. jwrelectro has one and his worked fine so it is up to you.
$235 plus shipping.

My Brymen does 0.01 ohms resolution and is around $240 plus shipping.  A REALLY good multimeter for the price.

And now that you changed your price requirements after my first reply...... Yes of course Dave is right, the Agilent U1272B is worthy at almost $400. If you do buy one of these, read this thread and open yours to see if it has the same problem.


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