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Hey guys first of all id like to say what an awesome channel eevblog is on youtube always cant wait for the next video. Now i know this question must always be cropping up but im looking at buying a new multimeter either a Fluke 87V or the AGILENT U1272A now my question is which one would suit me better for electronic repairs of PC, Laptop, TV, Audio ect price is not too much of an obstacle. Any other suggestions would be great but as the reviews on Daves videos im more inclined towards these two but correct me if im wrong


Both nice meters. I'd probably go for the Agilent personally but couldn't justify that much on a meter.

You might find that two cheaper meters (or even three) is better. There are lots of times you will want to simultaneously measure voltage and current which you can't do with one meter.

I have a UT61E which is OK and generally regarded as excellent value for money - just don't expect it to survive if exposed to high voltages as the input protection is crap.

Ok well already have a cheaper multimeter that i had brought from maplins and completely understand what your saying that i will need more than one meter that is why im looking to buy a few more slowly and just seeing what one seems to be the most convinient for my needs :-+

Buy the brymen 869 and live happy


--- Quote ---Buy the brymen 869 and live happy
--- End quote ---

Not readily available in the UK, sadly.


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