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Fluke 110 Plus/114 Easter Egg
« on: April 24, 2019, 11:56:05 pm »
I recently got a free, beat-up, and dead-ish 117 meter.  Knowing that it uses the same board as the 110plus/114/115/116 I picked up a cheap working 110plus for comparison (I read on eevblog that the 110plus is a 114 rebadged for Lowes). 

After seeing a cool post by Excavatoree about his Fluke 10 (link below) and being aware of other similar Fluke trickiness I wondered if the Hz, Diode, and Cap functions might work on the 110.

The 110 dial won't rotate past continuity so I put the 110 board into the 117 top case and indeed the Diode/Cap setting works!  I haven't yet modified the 110 to allow the extra rotation but I've attached photos of the two so you can see the stops.

Sadly, the Hz setting does not work - the yellow button responds only with an irritated beep.  On volt alert or current settings the meter displays ---- as could be expected.

I've attached some other photos of the internals showing the differences...

here's Excavatoree's post about modding his Fluke 10:

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