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Why can't a multimeter measure current and voltage simultaniously?

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Subject says it all. Why can't a dual display multimeter, with 3 probes (shared common), display both voltage, and current. Am I missing something really obvious here?

Edit: obviously a clamp multimeter will, but I'm talking more theoretically about standard bench/handheld multimeters.

Some do:

A simple reason is cost (and those meters aren't cheap). You need two analog pathways, both capable of meeting the specified accuracy. And if you want to measure true power, it's even more complicated.

Well there is one relatively cheap one, the Uni-T UT71E. Not the best quality or safest in the world but it does do this.

Oh, okay. *phew* I thought it was something really bloody obvious that I was missing... here, it's just cost. =P

Yeah, I've kept looking at my Fluke going "huh, it's got mA and A separate, why not just allow another probe, and display V while you're displaying current"... though, thinking about it, I could see where this might end up being a 4 wire operation. But no reason a bench meter couldn't do this. =/


--- Quote from: staze on May 06, 2013, 11:21:06 pm ---But no reason a bench meter couldn't do this. =/

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Fluke 45 can.


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