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PCIe Protocol Analyzer
« on: July 28, 2020, 03:38:40 pm »
Hi All,

TLDR: I am looking for some advice on a PCIe Protocol Analyzer that won't cost a fortune (no budget for this, it's for FOSS) and will allow me to capture the PCIe transfers. The link speed (Generation) doesn't matter, but it will need to physically be compatible with a x16 PCIe device even if only running at x4.

Over the past few years now I have been working to fix bugs with the AMD Vega and Navi generation of GPUs when used for Linux VFIO passthrough (giving the GPU to a Virtual Machine for bare metal access and use). The issue we have with this is resetting the GPU into a power-on state so the Virtual Machine can properly initialize and post the GPU inside the VM, and then if the VM crashes or is a hard reset, we need to recover the GPU into a good known state for re-use.

With a ton of reverse engineering and a little help from AMD's engineers, I have a method that gets the GPUs working, but it's not reliable and as such without getting my hands on confidential details of the GPU I am stuck. About the only thing I can think of is to capture the GPU traffic in progress at the time of the reset to see what exactly the GPU was doing to get an idea of the state the GPU is in when we can't recover it.

This entire project is open source and goes hand in hand with my open source project Looking Glass.
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