Author Topic: WXD2 Desoldering compressor (Weller)  (Read 494 times)

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WXD2 Desoldering compressor (Weller)
« on: June 07, 2019, 03:34:38 pm »
I bought a WXD2 Weller desoldering station. But unfortunately, the needed compressor is not in the box.
I have to choose one and want a quiet one.

Characteristics of the compressor in WXD2 documentation (dry air) -- Direct link to datasheet:

- Air consumption l/min: 35
- Operating pressure in bar/psi: 4,0-6,0 / 58-87
- Vacuum: max. 55 kPa (8psi)
- Max. vacuum:  .7 bar;20.7 inHg

Could someone advise some models, please?

Thanks a lot.


I found Revell 39138 model ( Documentation ( Characteristics:
- Maximum pressure: 5.5 bar
- Output in litres of air: approx. 32l/min
- Air tank: approx. 2.5l
- Noise level: approx. 50 dB

Could you tell me if this model can match? Thanks.


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Re: WXD2 Desoldering compressor (Weller)
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2019, 05:49:51 pm »
HI you have couole of options but the wxd2 does not need that much air.
You can buy a 35l/min low noise for as little as €120 you have to find a company in your area.

But if you find cheap not low noise you can place it somewhere else and use a long pressure hose to your solder table then connect a pressure tank (i buy 2nd hand diving scuba tank that is out of the guarantee since they are useless for the owners you can buy them for iron price) and use it as a local pressurebuffer.
Then add a pressure regulator, for the wxd2  set it to 5 bar which ismore then enough.

You actually on't need the 35l/mn because that would mean you keep the active button pressed, you only press it a few times per minute.

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Re: WXD2 Desoldering compressor (Weller)
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2019, 11:57:47 pm »
For 15 years now I use a compressor from an old water cooler that was scrapped out. It is quite and last forever, I have a gasoline fuel filter before the compressor to stop any solder etc. from the unit I change once in a while. It have been the best thing I have found. I also use a small cylinder for volume and a solenoid valve to go between the compressor and iron.
They are lots of them around and usually can be had free, or for low dollars.
Just a thought for you
Saw years ago when a shop used this system for 6 techs at a work bench.
It is very quite.

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