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[UK] "Cheap" T440bx from Alpine


Alpine has a very discounted T440bx out in their mail today GBP 2000'ish plus VAT -

FLIR T440bx

Product Datasheet:
Condition: Average
Warranty: None
Calibration: None
Normal Price: £8,354.00
Ex-Demo Price (save 75%): £2,088.50

For what you get I think that seems like a very ok price. I'm tempted but not in my budget :(

Contact : Jonathan Hill 
Alpine Components Ltd
Address: Innovation Centre, Highfield Drive, Churchfields, St. Leonards-on-Sea, TN38 9UH, United Kingdom
Telephone: 01424 858118

i'm not affiliated - but just thought I'd pass it on.

Nice. I looks like a professional DSLR camera.  ;)


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