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Hello, I am planning to purchase a thermal imaging camera

Seek Compact Pro FF

This camera is available with Lightning and USB-C connection.

I only have iPhones at home and that's actually why I tend to order the Lightning version of the camera.

From September 2023, it seems, Apple will be equipping all iPhone devices that will be launched in the future with USB-C (probably a little slimmed down at least in 2023).

I have 2 questions:

1. If I buy a camera with USB-C now (February 2023), will it work with the USB-C-iPhones? (Of course, the item description of the camera with USB-C does not say anything about iPhones at the moment).

2. You should not only be able to operate these cameras on a mobile phone as a display, but also with the PC as a screen using the "Thermovision" software, completely without a mobile phone.

Does anyone know whether the USB-C or Lightning variant would be better suited for this?

I would be very happy to hear your thoughts on this.

Thanks in advance.

Please HELP :bullshit: :-\ :-//

Lightning version have one more chip inside,something related to MFI (made for iphone)
If they still use that when switching to  USB C then you need lightning version or add missing IC on board.
But also they can switch to MFI gen 3 or 4 or ... then older chip can't authenticate so it's useles for new devices but works on older with lightning.

Seek Compact Pro USB-C doesn't work on iphone 15 pro as of today. Hope they can make it work by updating the app.

Good news. I have the Seek Thermal Pro with lightning connector.
Apple’s (new?) Lightning to USB-C connector works perfectly on iPad Pro with USB-C, because it also allows data to be passed, unlike most such adaptors (I know, I’ve tried many before)


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