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200-250€ camera for PCB work?

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im looking for a camera for PCB work. Guide PC210 or Uti 260B look nice but I dont afford them so im looking for one in half price.

Would UTI690A with macrolens work? do you have other recommendations?

thanks in advance

i couldnt wait and i ordered 690a  :-DD


Lower resolution can still be made to work well with PCB analysis if you can use a close-up lens to get closer to the target.

The camera lens field of view will also influence the results. By way of an example, consider the following…

Thermal camera A has a 320 x 240 pixel microbolometer and 24 Degree field of view (good general specs for PCB work)

Thermal camera B has a 320 x 240 pixel microbolometer and a 48 Degree field of view lens

Thermal camera C has a 160 x 120 pixel microbolometer and a 24 Degree field of view lens

Thermal camera D has a 160 x 120 pixel microbolometer and a 12 Degree field of view lens

An object is being observed with Thermal camera ‘A’ at a distance of 30cm. What has to be done for cameras B,C and D to produce the same amount of resolution related detail of the target ? …….

Camera B will need to be positioned at half the distance from the target (15cm)

Camera C will need to be positioned at half the distance from the target (15cm)

Camera D will need to be positioned at the same distance as camera A (30cm)

As you decrease the field of view to compensate for lower optical FPA resolution you also reduce the target scene area that may be viewed. The same is true as you move closer to the target. This is an acceptable compromise in many PCB analysis scenarios.

In the case of your UTI-260A camera you will likely need to select a short focus distance ZnSe supplemental lens to compensate for the low FPA resolution. I would recommend a ZnSe lens that provides focus at 50mm distance plus maybe one that provides 25mm focus distance for looking at very small SMD components. You can go down to 15mm focus distance lenses but it can sometimes be challenging to get that close to a PCBA if there are tall components such as large electrolytic capacitors or heatsinks present.

Obviously you would be better served by a camera offering a higher resolution but you are working within a tight budget and so compromises are needed. The UTI-260A should meet your needs  :-+ I have even used 80 x 60 pixel thermal cameras for basic PCB analysis. That still worked well enough to spot unusual areas of heat or cold and was far from useless even at such low resolution.

Hope this helps


thanks, i did read pew85 thread, that's why i ordered. I knew it'd be good enough for me.

I will get 20mm FL50.8 and FL25.4 like you advise. I prob repair boards/electronics max 10 times per year. Also use it for general use (cooking, house insulation, automotive).

I bet the prices drop in future and we see bigger sensors :) I think 200 eur is reasonable for amateurs especially 25 fps :o .  :-+

Rambo Sonny:
consider about Infiray P2 pro. just release to market. I got a P2 in hand, 256*192 detector. around $250. size is amazing small, image is clear enough.


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