Author Topic: 2nd hand Exx : how to tell if it's MSX or non-MSX? (if not can it be enabled?)  (Read 762 times)

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MY BAD I asked the wrong question. went to bed late last night nvm

I didn't mean to ask if E30 mk1 & E40 mk1 have same CPU (I already knew that)

what I really meant to ask was, do E30 mk1 & E30 mk2 have same CPU? there we go :)
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It's not a CPU factor, there's the applications processor which is the same, and there is an FPGA for the image processing involved with MSX that's either missing or smaller or something (I don't remember which).  MSX is not a software level feature, it is implemented in hardware.

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For info, there was not an E30 MK2. The E30 model was deleted when FLIR moved to the MK2 design.
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