Thermal Imaging


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[1] Freeware Software for Thermal Analysis: Thermovision_JoeC

[2] How to increase gain for old cores?

[3] Seek Shot died, disassemble pictures for you!

[4] Sofradir Atom 640 Core

[5] ISG 2.4GHz RF Video Link Receiver and Monitor for thermal cameras

[6] OpenIRV. ISC0901B0 (Autoliv NV3, FLIR E4/5/6/8) based opensource thermal camera

[7] FLIR One Gen2 failure investigation + FULL RESET method by Fraser

[8] UNI-T UNi690B

[9] Disassemble a FLIR ONE PRO 3 Philip infrared camera 拆解一个FLIR ONE PRO 3菲力尔红外热像仪


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