Thermal Imaging


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[1] Freeware Software for Thermal Analysis: Thermovision_JoeC

[2] New arrivals - Amber Raytheon Radiance 1 camera and DIOP 75/250mm DFOV lens

[3] Infiray C210 Thermal Camera review

[4] Axsys Camera Part

[5] I have $1500 to $2500 to spend on a thermal monocular, are these good choices?

[6] Experiment around thermal radiation in NIR + LWIR domain, with a soldering iron

[7] Pulsar Accolade 2 LRF Pro <25mK 640x480???

[8] YT memo about some DIY setups working in LWIR and Vis/NIR domain...

[9] FLIR One connection to iPad Pro 2021


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