Thermal Imaging


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[1] Freeware Software for Thermal Analysis: Thermovision_JoeC

[2] Guide PC210 Review

[3] FLIR H Series Camera (HS HM TS) Hot Shoe Video & Charging adapter - stock in UK

[4] Why a disc shape sensor in the "Micro A10 Indigo" thermal core ?

[5] Fraser now has Linear Flash PCMCIA card read/write capability if needed

[6] New user here - got the Cat S62 Pro, thinking about getting the HTI HT-301

[7] Why my Scott Eagle 320 use Raytheon 4500AS core?

[8] Looking to buy the cheapest macro lens for a Guide PC210 - a few questions.

[9] Does anyone have any thoughts on InfiRay M200A or M200F?


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