Thermal Imaging


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[1] Freeware Software for Thermal Analysis: Thermovision_JoeC

[2] Amber Galileo/Radiance HS MWIR 3-5um InSb

[3] I got my Seek Thermal SDK!

[4] OpenIRV. ISC0901B0 (Autoliv NV3, FLIR E4/5/6/8) based opensource thermal camera

[5] Android or Handheld Thermal Camera for Plumbing

[6] ICI T-Cam 600 P-Series Thermal Camera

[7] Amber/Raytheon Triple Field of View (TFOV 60/180/500 mm) Lens

[8] The story of a Radiance 1 camera and Frasers quest to find information on it

[9] Fraser now has Linear Flash PCMCIA card read/write capability if needed


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