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A few questions about Indigo Omega IO module


Hello, my name is Frank. I have lurked on EEV for a little while but just registered recently. I have a question about what IO module is compatible with a Indigo Omega core. I purchased a Indigo core with the environmental housing which afforded me a nice sturdy enclosure with what looks like a germanium view port and most important of all, a breakout board that has the now obsolete connector made by JAE Electronics, Inc. part no-DA1B018H91 which is referred to as the "camera connector", this is soldered to a small pcb with a standard looking molex connector then passing the signal/power/data along to what looks like a lemo connector on the back of the enclosure. So I have one connector for the camera side, I am still in need of another breakout board to build a cable, or if at all possible find a factory interface cable to connect the camera to the IO module. First I need to make sure the IO module I just bought on ebay will work with the Omega core, I have some pics of the IO module and connector used on the breakout board which is labeled with the correct pin-out for composite video and power as I understand it. I would be grateful for any help with this question, i'm just getting my feet wet with thermal stuff.

Do you need to use the IO module for anything in particular?  I’m not sure about the IO module compatibility, but if you don’t need to configure the camera settings you could just run power to the camera and pull the video from the breakout board you’ve got with it.  It’s gonna be hard to find a cable with the camera connector on both ends for the IO module  I’d think.

Congrats on the purchase, I had been eyeing that listing with the nice environmental housing as a potential thermal camera for my truck!  Hope you get it working well for yourself!

I would like to use the rs232 functions to play with settings, if I can get a good enough image with it I would probably use it for diagnosing component level problems with pcbs. If the resolution or color gradient doesn't work for that I was thinking of either using it in my car or if there is enough space inside the enclosure, mount a small lcd to make a thermal monocular that can be mounted to a rifle. There is a seller who has a few of these for sale, I believe his username is codex0, hes who I bought mine from.


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