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8 months ago, a friend of mine and myself started a project called C-THERMAL - it is going to be the first smart thermal imager
However, I just wanted to give you a short hello - I really like this forum because of it`s reasonable discussions about electronics stuff.

For those who want to ask which core we use: yes, it`s FLIRs Lepton and every single picture on our website is taken with our working prototypes :)
If you are really interested, I`m also going to make a short video clip of our hardware design within the next weeks.

I would really appreciate any feedback from you!

Cheers, Andi

Nice. Which Lepton did you use?

It`s the Lepton 2 - the one with 80x60 px resolution. At the moment, the Lepton 3 is not yet available to OEMs.

An affordable thermal imager for occasional spotting of hot components on a PCB or drafty windows at home would certainly be nice. How affordable are we talking?

Also, will you be sending eval units to folks like Martin Lorton for comparative testing?


--- Quote from: Andreas_Thermal on March 17, 2016, 07:33:53 am --- it is going to be the first smart thermal imager

--- End quote ---
How do you justify that claim ? In what way is this smarter than any thermal imager ?


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