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Actual resolution of Flir One V2

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Does anyone know the actual resolution of the 2nd gen Flir One which supports Android?

Flir seem to indicate 160x120, but they say this is an "enhanced" resolution, and it uses a Lepton core (which seems to be 80x60 only)

I'm tempted to get one and sell my Seek Thermal, but I think 80x60 even with MSX will be too low resolution for SMD work. I plan to add a lens to it, to use it with SMD, so MSX would usually be off.

Got one on my desk. What's the simplest way to determine actual resolution?

Look at an image with sharp gradients, you will be able to tell if it uses interpolation or something. Just upload a photo here and we can probably tell.

Just took a pic of a finned heatsink. MSX turned off.

Hard to pick out any contrasting edges - could you get a picture of something with a sharp edge? Maybe something like a soldering iron, or a thin and hot wire.


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