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Adding custom palettes to the Flir Exx


Hello  :)

I have an idea inspired by the software posted in this thread:

It is very nice to have additional custom palettes in the Flir Tools software, but wouldn't it be also nice to have those custom palettes directly in the Exx camera?
I started digging in the folders of my Flir E60 and found the palette files in the system folder where also the appcore.d is located.
I added the files of the palettes to this message.
The content of a palette file seems to be pretty straightforward, the only thing is that the color space is YCbCr while the software outputs in RGB, but that can easily be converted with some coding.

Here is what I think that the entries on the beginning of the file mean:

stretch: Probably a measure of how aggressively the flir maps the colors to the temperatures, the RainbowHC palette has the highest value of all the palettes, so that would make sense.
overflow: color that gets displayed when the temp is out of the high limit measurement range
underflow: color that gets displayed when the temp is below the lower limit of the measurement range
above/below: thats likely the displayed color for the above/below range feature
isotherm: colors for the isotherm feature

I don't know yet what major, minor, edit and method mean, but that should not be too critical now, I can just try the values of the iron palette.

What do you all think, if I create another palette file with exactly the same structure and put it in the same folder would the camera recognise it? I looked around and found no other entries in config files about the initialized palettes, so maybe the Flir automatically adds them to the menu once they are in the folder. If that is not working I would have to modify an existing palette.

Is there any additional risk involved in adding additional files to the system directory (except of course the standard risk when just replacing files via FTP)?

Thank you


Do not know about Exx but in E4 the palette file names are hard coded. You can only change an existing palette file's content. If a net new palette added with a new file name, the camera will not recognize it.

Thank you for your reply Bud!

Yes you are right, sadly the Exx seems to be the same and it does not recognise any new palettes if you put the files in the folder, it is also hardcoded :(


Custom palettes are super useful in most kinds of data visualization. Its also useful with some modalities, to have an option to assign a transparent color.


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