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Amber Galileo/Radiance HS MWIR 3-5um InSb

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I recently got my hands on this camera. Luckily I had my power supply from my amber radiance 1 and it powered right up. It cools down pretty quickly too (about 6min). Will post more about it as I figure out how to use it. I took a pic of the power board because I was trying to figure out the pinout to power it. Luckily the power connector that it came with is the same as the amber radiance.

Does anyone know the RS232 commands to control it?

if memory serves it may actually be RS422.  Believe there was jumper you could set for 232/422 ;   Also it wasn't simple commands but needed a specific firmware/software combo running under DOS.   Think it was called Usermenu ?

Assume you have gotten analog video out?  If so there should be a video overlay telling you the software/firmware version.   

Ah ok that is good to know.

And yes I have the software called Usermenu. I am going to install it and try it out soon so I will let you know.
And yup composite video works via J2 using a SMA to BNC adapter.

The camera is running on V1.53

That's good.   1.53 was the last version.    The HS was (still is?) a tank of an IR camera.   Wish I could get my hands on one as I spent many hours collecting data with them years back.

Nice! Yeah hard to come by but they do pop up once in a while.
While you were collecting data. Do you remember which ports you used? There is a special Amber HSVB as seen in the circuit pic above.
I wonder if I need a special interface for it or can it use a frame grabber. I think it's RS422 but in 4 pairs.

Also are these camera's able to be user calibrated and output radiometric images/videos?
The use is very limited when only using the composite video port compared to my FLIRSC6000.

I heard that these cameras can window down too! Just very little documentation out there given how old these cameras are


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