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Amber/Raytheon Triple Field of View (TFOV 60/180/500 mm) Lens

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I recently acquired this extremely rare TFOV Lens. I have only seen it in brochures and I am happy to have it in real life now haha. More info to come.

Here are some pics of the Internals. A very interesting design. The fixed lenses rotate on the inside and are controlled by a controller, mini stepper motors, hall-effect sensors, and a very unique gearing/clutch system. I put some tape over the coverings while I work to minimize dust getting inside.

Here are the electronics. There is a DC to DC converter that is 24V to 24V prob just for isolation purposes. I looked up the part (which is obsolete now) and this part alone $300!

The lens is controlled by one control board here. I will be analyzing it to see how to control the lens. So far the lens DB9 port only wires to the RS232 MAX chip. And Wires to the 24V DC to DC converter.

Has anyone heard of Optimum Optical Systems? Maybe they can chime in on how this lens is controlled. :)

Here is an image of the lens from the phoenix brochure I found on the wayback machine on ""

This lens was also in the Merlin and Radiance HS brochures:

The photo attached with the red chart mentions the DFOV and TFOV lenses under the Radiance HS product description. Cool to see how this lens ended up in the Merlin and Phoenix brochures.

Here is also a link to a mention of this lens on the merlin accessories page on indigo-systems old website:

Phoenix Accessories Page:

To get this lens working it looks like I have to reverse engineer the firmware. (Unless someone knows how this lens works)

The chips below are of interest to me. Attached is the data-sheet for the MCU and EEPROM (I think?)


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