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any one wants to test infiray P2 pro? 9 gram thermal camera with macro lens.

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Rambo Sonny:
recently I found out that Infiray has released a new smartphone thermal imager called P2 pro. I have five units in hand now. Does anyone has interest in testing it? I can provide it for free. If you have smartphone thermal imagers from other manufacturers, you can compare them and share your thoughts under post. But I only have five, so let's set a deadline: for all who left messages I want a try below this post before Oct 15,2022, we will select five lucky ones.

Sounds good. I'd like to test it, is it really for free? Any other requirements?


Rambo Sonny:
free samples, nothing special.

I want a try
If is available outside US

I have one of these on the way for review


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