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any one wants to test infiray P2 pro? 9 gram thermal camera with macro lens.

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I want a try.

HVAC at my work has been wack for months, so it'd be interesting to see how the P2 compared to the Seek compact pro in determining how screwed up it is.

Thanks! I'm happy to test your your Infiray P2 Pro  :) ;) :D 8) ::)

Rambo Sonny:
looking for the excited momnet ;D

For those wishing to review the P2 Pro, please be aware that you need a reasonably modern phone that has a Type C USB socket and Android 9(Pie).

Whilst it is possible to use the P2 Pro on older Android versions and older phones running earlier operating systems, the frame rate may decrease. This is not a fault in the Infiray product. Phones that have a Micro USB socket may work with the P2 Pro if appropriate Micro USB (M) to Type C (F) adapters/cables are used. Mike has managed to get the camera running on a Circa 2016 Samsung Galaxy J5 running Android 6….. but the frame rate was reduced.

I purchased reasonably modern (2018) Samsung Galaxy A8 and S9+ Phones (both used units) for my testing so as to be fair to the camera under test. The P2 Pro has a specified minimum Android version of 9(Pie) but I have not seen a minimum phone hardware specification for it to provide maximum frame rate.

I mention all this because a review of a product should use the manufacturers recommended minimum hardware and software in order to be fair to the product and manufacturer. Please consider this if you are selected to test a P2 Pro. Used mobile phones can be very reasonably priced, or at least they are in the UK. Look for one with a SIM or Network fault as that will still work fine with the P2Pro camera and Wi-Fi likely still works. Such faulty phones sell for parts donor prices.

For those wondering, I have not found a Windows software that is intended to work with the P2 Pro yet. Such would be useful for PCB analysis tasks where a larger display size is helpful. I loaded the BlueStacks 5 Android Emulator PC software last night and will see if it will work correctly with the P2 Pro App. It certainly runs the App OK but I need to adapt the P2 Pro Type C connector to a standard USB Type A. Hopefully I can test it today.


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