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Any thermal camera with non-TN display?

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I realized that despite the advance technologies thermal cameras have, all models I saw are still using TN LCD panel, which I found annoying.
Are there any known thermal camera that use IPS/VA/OLED panel?

If you have a particular preference for a display technology, it might be worth considering taking the Thermal Camera Dongle path and marry it to a high quality mobile phone that uses the size and technology of display that you want. There are some decent thermal camera dongles available but sadly this solution might end up quite expensive as a complete system. I bought used modern mobile phones with faults that did not effect use as a thermal camera host  :-+ My Samsung S9 cost me £70 and is ‘as new’ with a modern 5.8” Super AMOLED HDR10 display. It produces lovely picture quality. It’s only fault is not accepting a SIM card due to SIM socket damage.


Thank you Fraser.
I was actually expecting you to give examples on expensive models, but you didn't mention them. So those really expensive ones are also using TN?  :palm:
I don't like the phone solutions, I don't know how to express the reason, I just don't like to rely on external host for thermal imaging, especially a phone.
Right now I'm using "field monitor" for thermal cameras, that's why I always make sure they have "direct" video output, such as composite or HDMI. But they make each time setup more complex, and almost impossible to be "portable", or use on the move.
Why can't they just make an IPS version of models like Flir Ex, I'll buy it for 1.5x price...

Part of the reason may be that thermal cameras are, by their very nature, low resolution devices. Modern IPS and AMOLED displays may be considered more appropriate in higher resolution applications. I understand your desire to have nice quality displays on thermal cameras but sadly cannot offer any suggestions for such at the moment. I will check to see if the new FOTRIC cameras use better display technology.


I thought I had seen IPS display mentioned in the FOTRIC sales literature, and I was correct…

The full range of their cameras is available to see here……

They seem to be using high resolution IPS mobile phone display technology.

FOTRIC cameras are very nice performers but not always easy to source. FOTRIC offered me a test camera in the UK so it may be worth asking them for your nearest dealer.

I have the FOTRIC 226B with a Samsung S9 mounted in its phone clamp :) Works well and was a very affordable SLR format camera solution for me.



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