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Anybody know where I can find a pre-owned FLIR T1020?

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I volunteer to test a T1020 on behalf of the forum, if someone would like to lend me one.

Pretty sure I should be able to come up with an answer in five or ten years  ;)

Ultra Emissive:
Long time lurker here, this topic finally convinced me to register as I have some relevant info on this.
The issue with the T1020 is each lens is quite expensive, something like $6k-8k CAD each.
So the price can very quite a bit depending on the lens bundle.
For reference purposes only,  I work for a Canadian test equipment distributor and the lowest we would sell our T1020 rental unit with 3 lenses is 36k CAD, and that's taking a decent loss...
Like others have stated, I would be wary buying this from non-authorized dealers, they're not the most reliable cameras and repairs are costly.

Hopefully the next generation of T1K cameras drops down in price.
Have you looked at the T1010? You lose quite a few features (Video recording, viewfinder) but if those features don't matter to you, you could save some coin there.


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