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Anybody know where I can find a pre-owned FLIR T1020?

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I can buy a new T1020 at for over $40000, but I could buy a brand-new Mercedes or BMW car for a few hundred dollars less than that (if I bought one of their lower priced cars). So I wonder if any company out there is getting rid of any of their used T1020 thermal cams (maybe some company going out of business or maybe just don't need the cameras anymore).

Since it's a pretty current model I wouldn't expect much of a used market, though sometimes something gets listed on ebay.  Given the fees associated with using ebay, maybe asking vendors that have similar age FLIR cameras and maybe they also have (or can get) the TI1020.  Maybe your best bet would be to ask places that rent them or sell them if they have one that's come in that they could sell at a reduced rate.

Though speaking of, do you need to keep it, or would a rental be a good option for your application?

Don't expect the "used" tag to magically drop the price by 90%.
A used T1020 will likely cost around $25-35k, depending on lenses and options.

I'm first in line for one of those cameras! 20mK sensitivity and high resolution - what's not to like?

Oh yes, the price.

I would treat with extreme caution any eBay or similar listing of a cut-price T1020. On anything as new and high-class as that, a low price screams "scammer". Would you feel comfortable buying a "nearly-new Ferrari" for $500?

You might (just might) get some joy if you approach FLIR direct asking about ex-demo cameras, but it's a bit of a long shot.

When I have 50,000 burning a hole in my pocket I intend to get the T1020 with the three-lens set... Until then, I'll have to stick to the old-fashioned method of generating hi-res thermal images.

Mind you, when you see the sort of quality mahony can get from a 640x480 sensor I wonder just how much better the T1020 would be.

Fraser is a master of finding camera bargains, though I know he only does so for his own collection. I'm thinking of his rather nice science-grade MWIR camera that cost him about 1% of its new price...

I was fortunate on eBay some time ago when I purchased a FLIR SC-660 science-grade uncooled LWIR 640 x 480 camera for about 10% of its new price. But that was still about twice what I'm prepared to pay for a used car.


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