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Are InfiRay's cameras any good?

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I got a T2S+, it has issues with the USB-C but now it looks improved, but I have -4C temp off, so no impressed at all

I use one of the Infiray camera on a surveillance project. I was quite good : close from a boson camera but much more cheaper. It was a 320x240 camera.

I did not buy higher resolution camera for now.

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Being fair the USB issues I reported are gone, not sure why had them, also the -4C off was my fault. The camera is amazing, so yes impressed. found in the middle of the focus there is point that will keep focus form 70cm to infinite, it have not a notch or anything you need find it , but is nice as with that position you dont need touch anything to focus outdoor or rooms.
Read somewhere the usb connector is low quality and can give issues.

Hi can these be interfaced with mobile? our save jpeg?


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