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Hi all,

As some may know, I am a collector and repairer of thermal imaging camera technology. I try to post interesting thermal imaging related stuff now and then, but as a "Thermal Camera Geek" I am not sure what people really want to read about on this forum.

This is your opportunity to list the topics and/or technology explanations, that you want to read about. I cannot promise to fulfil the wish lists contents personally but there are many very knowledgeable and clever members on this forum who might be able to help.

Personally I am interested in the technology used within thermal cameras, old and new. I soak up as much information about such as I can lay my hands on. I am not an expert in the topic though. I leave that title to those clever people who design thermal cameras ! At least one of whom is a member of this forum. I also like to use thermal cameras to observe wildlife and for technical tasks such as PCB thermal profiling and even checking my cars engine and brakes !

I have a large collection of working thermal cameras and considered producing a thread that contained pictures of some, along with specs and examples of the thermal images that they produce. Sadly that is quite a time consuming task as many of the cameras have their own software packages for image download etc. I may yet produce such a thread but I have an inkling that such is not of great interest to many forum members who may be more interested in the current models of thermal camera. Sadly many people do not know much about the older industrial thermal cameras and their capabilities. That was an advantage when I was collecting them though. The latest thermal cameras are sold at very appealing prices so I suppose it Is understandable.


How about a series on the lenses, and how different lenses affect camera performance, for us dummies Fraser.

The volt nutters here would be interested in your opinions on equipment and methods to map heat flows on our ovenized contraptions. What in the current market is economical and optimally performant  for the role? It would need to have some advantage over manual placement of discrete temp sensors and slow data acquisition  which is what I am doing now.


--- Quote from: SeanB on January 09, 2017, 05:11:38 pm ---How about a series on the lenses, and how different lenses affect camera performance, for us dummies Fraser.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I'm curious about the different materials and why some are so much cheaper or more expensive.

Fraser, I'm a keen reader of your TI posts and what has wondered me is what model/makes would offer the hobbyist the best compromise of performance vs price for profiling and general faultfinding on the bench.


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