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Bill W:
For a while it has been difficult to get batteries that fit the Marconi / e2v Argus3 camera types (P4466, P4467)

After a bit of checking however had a punt on these for a refurb camera I am sorting out.  (Coming to a well known online auction site soon   ;) )

Fully correct footprint, the full pinout and just fit for size X / Y - so no grinding off the weld band.
Part is Cameraon Sino DR11AA, ENIX VMH9018

The packs are however not the right height to fit exactly as the original Varta V217 as the cells are smaller now for the same capacity.  A suitable chunk of foam has done the job.
The same applied to the real Duracell pack when e2v were selling spares - glue on a plastic block !

Note there are other DR11AA from CS that only have two pads and these would not power the camera as it picks up on other pads
I have no benefit from purchases via the link to allbatteries.


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