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assigning colour palette based on temperature values


Can anyone specify how to Assign a value of RGB to a temperature value for creating an RGB (rainbow palette) thermal image? I am interested in knowing if there's any standard convention for doing so like some algorithm or formula?

Example of the type of RGB image that is needed as final output: PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT


In my seek-o-fix app I did it like this...

Read rgb values of a pallete image into matrix[3,1000].

Then calulate min and max temperature from sensor and map that values to the 0-1000 range.
Then draw colorful image like this: If mapped pixel value is 100, then go to matrix array and read out R,G,B values at index 100 and so forth...

Source files:

Thanks a lot!
Can I get some help in terms of doing the same in Matlab?


--- Quote from: Shaz on November 05, 2016, 08:42:31 am ---Can I get some help in terms of doing the same in Matlab?

--- End quote ---
i don't know Matlab. but here is a c# source for pseudocolor from a grayscale image with aforge (open source image processing lib for .net).


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