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Autoliv NV2 on Raspberry Pi

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 :For me the cheapest option whith code that can later be used to tailor it to my needs.

[attachimg=3]Here are some images of the 7" display prototype.

The display is in a laser-cut housing, and the PCB lives in a small 3D printed enclosure. It runs on an external USB battery and seems to last for ages (hours!). 

@dmendesf:  Sure, it would come with access to the Repo, with VHDL and the Micropython code for the Raspberry Pi Pico.  The cheapest option would just be the PCB and access to the code, BYO FPGA/RPi Pico and IC's/passives. Is that something you want?

I'll bite; how much you askin for base price?

I too would be very interested!

I actually bought the tang primer and display a while ago, kind of hopeful I could copy your displayed progress in this thread.
(Monkey see monkey do ;)

But i can't really wrap my head around the camera unlock part.
Any help would be much apreciated

I would also order psb. Interested adapter to HDMI.


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