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Avio 100µm f/4 lens? 100µm??


I spotted what I think is an oddity on eBay - a 100µm f/4 lens. No, not a misprint, the photos of the lens clearly show 100µm f/4. It is described as "AVIO TVC 85100U 100um F4 Infrared Thermal Imager Lens".

See eBay auction: #171730737522 for details. Any thoughts? VLWIR anyone?

It is a Macro Lens with a resolution of 100um on the target per pixel on the specified camera.


Ah, yes, I see - thanks. I've done some of that the old-fashioned way.

Much more of a write-up here.

NEC Avio still offer such close working lenses for their current cameras as can be seen in the attached picture.

The seller ("S0-Hi-End") is a very expensive source of thermal camera parts who basically collects scrap kit and tries to sell it at massive profit. Much of the kit is in very poor physical condition.

Buyer Beware and all that.



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