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I recently got an old Axsys camera as part, chips are dated 2007. Guess its manufactured in 2007 or 2008.  Wondering if you have seen anything like this unit. I don't know the spec or the model number. I am trying to power, it has a 38 pin power connector. Don't know what type of connector it is. It has an ethernet port and BNC video out. 

It appears to be a Stirling split Cooler equipped unit  :-+

Sadly I do not know this model so cannot provide any technical detail on it.

Likely to have been a surveillance camera like this…

The Axsys (General Dynamics) catalogues may contain the original embodiment of the camera solution so well worth investigation. Then it is a case of researching the various possible models to see what connectivity they had and any available commands for RS232/RS422 control.

The connector will likely provide the 12V supply input, video output, Serial communications I/O and potentially bespoke I/O for keyboard control. These should all be identifiable via basic reverse engineering of the PCB to identify the electronics normally associated with such I/O. Your challenge will be in controlling the core as it will likely power up into standby and require commands via the serial port to wake it up and control it. Hence my comment on trying to find documentation with a command set listed.

Getting these cores running can be a challenge as the command set is often not in the public domain. Firmware reverse engineering is a possibility but can be quite involved.


The Wayback machine has captures of the Axsys website before it was bought by General Dynamics. Sadly nothing much to help you on the site though. These specialist companies tend not to provide very much technical detail or support via their web pages as they want the customer to contact them directly for any support. These cooled cores were, and remain, controlled technology in terms of detailed technical information & software release.


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