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Hi guys.

Since my thermal hobby actually began from night vision, I'll post it here. However mods can move this if you feel off-topic.
To avoid advertising, I'll do my best to hide the brand/model. This is a pure technology talk.

I just got a unique night vision device that is not IIT(tube)-based, but based on "black silicon" CMOS.
Before this, all so-called "digital night vision" are like jokes after jokes. But just look at the pictures attached, this device is truly amazing. (Pictures are from internet because I haven't got a chance to take decent photos yet, however I can assure you these pictures are from the same model I'm talking about)
It have a sensitivity similar to Gen-2 tube(or ISO 200k), and with color. It will not be damaged by daylight, or have a limited life-time like IITs. And the resolution is 720p, similar to Gen-3.
More surprisingly, its spectrum sensitivity goes all ways into SWIR.  :box:
What more would I ask for a device much less than $1k?
Oh wait, actually I do want one more function: wired video signal output. Because the EVF is not always comfortable to use, and the built-in wireless transfer never work.

One thing I just thought, is they should use a custom CFA, not the conventional bayer filter:
1. CMY color-resist would be a better choice instead of RGB, because they allow 2x light through.
2. The filter block rate should be as low as possible, just enough to let the processing stage to guess the color.
3. There should be half or more pixels just without any colored layer.
4. All color-resist should be transparent to IR.
Since they already go so far to "Black Silicon CMOS", I don't see a reason why not do this to make it better.

Finally, this is not the "X27" scam from the scammy "SPI corp" shit!  :-DD

Thanks for reading.

The BBC has been using very low light colour cameras for wildlife imaging work recently. I wonder if those cameras are using this technology. It was described as groundbreaking colour imaging technology as it provides good clean images when most colour cameras would not even provide an image, let alone a colour balanced image !

Interesting stuff and no problem detailing it in this part of the forum. Discussions cover IR to LWIR and THz imaging here  :)


I have a Si*nyx Aur*ra sport.  Favorite toy during power failures, boating, checking on things that go bump in the night, working in the laser lab, etc.   While I feel a black and white version would be awesome, color does add some unique aspects. Near IR sensitivity which I have tested to to 1084 nm is awesome.   

Optics are quite decent and well designed.

Questions not requiring an ITT-Excelis grade  NOD test bench will be answered...

One caveat, if I'm going into combat, or playing paintball,  a tube device designed to purpose would still be my preference.  Aur*ra does have a minimal  inverted video mode and a long eye relief for helmet mounting.  That is based purely on the S*ort model.  Not sure about the LE versions as I do not have access to them.

I will not do a tear-down, I love it too much.

Ask away...



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Thank you Fraser, you are very kind.
I think BBC maybe using something like Canon ME20F-SH. That's even more sensitive than my device, but many times the price...


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Wow you have the same device as me!
I already did a tear down, and broke something(whole thing still working after reparing), but I don't regret it. I believe if I don't see a device inside, it's not mine.
You want some teardown photos?


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