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Got the Topdon TC004 for £267


Been looking at upgrading my thermal camera. I got an original flir that used micro usb, so a good 7+ years old. I mostly just use it around the house.

I've pretty much narrowed it down to the following, these all have a resolution of 256x192 and 25hz for the thermal imager. Going down in resolution seems a waste and going up seems to more than double the cost. Also a few images (US due to export restrictions were capped to a lower 9hz so I've ignored them, i.e. seek thermal)

The usb models are obviously cheaper as there is no screen, body, battery, visible camera in the build, but is it worth getting a hand held. The tablet models look nicer but again cost an extra £50-100 extra for the bigger screen over the handheld models. From what I can tell specwise they are mostly the same other than topdon is 20hz, and hikmicro B10 doesn't record video.

Is there anything I've missed, should I avoid a specific model or are they as I thought pretty much all the same?

Currently thinking either topdon tc005 or tc003 (for 25hz + bigger screen)

Usb dongle
Topdon tc001 - £220
Hikmicro mini2 - £195
InfiRay P2 Pro - £250

Handheld (with optical camera)
Hikmicro B10 - £310 (no video recording)
Hikmicro B20 - £460 (added WiFi, can stream to pc/mobile)
Topdon tc005 - £335 (20hz only)
Uni-t UTi260B - £280

Topdon tc003 - £399
Hikmicro pocket - £450

Fyi - I did look into 320 x 240 Resolution, the only two models I found was dyt-ir handheld at £425 and seek thermal pro (usb dongle) around £450. But both were 9hz. There is also the Infiray P3 pro but it's£700. Outside them, models were normal going to flir and Bosch costing from £800-£5000. So I've not looked into them.

Right now the most cost effective 256 dongle is the victor 328B

Also I miss the infiray C200 in your list of handhelds
Which is becoming more interesting thanks to user Manawyrm

Fraser has done quite some reviews and teardowns on infiray / tiny1 core devices.

Perhaps you should start reading the topics a bit.

Thank you. I've been digging into the topics on here to read up about it, but still wasn't clear on an obvious choice. I'm starting to think that any of them will be fine. And there is no obvious disadvantages between the form factor of dongle, handheld or tablet. Other than perhaps the paralax issues if you want to fuse together thermal and camera images

If you're in the UK there's a seller on Ebay who ships from the UK and recently had 20% off (via Ebay code but sadly now expired), picked up the Topdon TC001 last week for £160, the TC003 was something like £350.

The eBay codes come up every 2-4 weeks so I'm sure it will be back. I've since found the tc003 for £370 from topdon directly and £400 on Amazon.


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