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Hey guys

My first post here, but long time reader and YT channel follower.

I'm in the middle of a decision: I want to buy a thermal camera. I have a friend that borrowed me a Seek PRO, that he wants to sell, and I'm testing it. Seems pretty nice, but he's asking for 380€, already with a lens and a "safety" box (enclosure).

My question is: does it worth the money? Or can I get a better one for less money? What do you guys think?


I am ansolutely no friend of the washed out and grainy seek images...
I would want to ask you first what are you planning to use the camera for?

If you mean the Seek Compact Pro phone accessory camera:
I am also no fan of the phone accessory cameras - you are just one grop or bump away from damaging camera and phone and I hate the handeling of those. I have seen them low as 450 EUR band new online in europe. The ZnSe-Lens cost 10-12 USD in Aliexpress and the rubber ring you can 3D print for a few cents if you have a 3D printer or for the cost of a beer if a friend have one ;-)

You can get a Guide PC210, InfiRay C200 or Uni-T UTi260b at this price point...

Out of them I would choose the PC210 because that's the only one who allows you to set level and span manually and it's the only one which has a useable analysis- and reporting software if that maters:

If you can afford a bit more money you could think about Hikmicro B10, B20 or Pocket2 - they come factory calibrated, have all features for prof. applications and a really good analysis and repoting software. Sadly the newer models have actually a wired firmware-bug so you should be prepared to RMA a camera or hope that the new firmware-update is soon out...

With a little luck you would get still a model from the old series which is not affected by the bug.

For the image-quality see the attachments.


The idea is to try to help find shorts on electronic equipments (laptops for instance, sometimes SSD's PCB)



--- Quote from: rop12770 on January 29, 2023, 05:21:52 pm ---The idea is to try to help find shorts on electronic equipments (laptops for instance, sometimes SSD's PCB)
--- End quote ---
That's exactly that I am doing...

Get yourself a PF210 from Guide or a Pocket2 from Hikmicro. This cameras have a large screen and allow you to set level and span with one touch. They are light and can be used on a flexible arm:

So, it's not a good deal?


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